A personal reflection of Chapter 13 "How to Invoke Magic," from Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, by Chogyam Trunpa

Shambhala teaches us that the world, and everything in it, is founded in Basic Goodness. When we realize this, our lives and relationships are transformed in a way that is infinitely fulfilling and uplifting. In order to realize our intrinsic and “Basic” Goodness, we must break through our habitual perspectives of limited Self, and understand our infinite potential. This takes “the blissipline” of mindful awareness and the bravery to be truly present. This is the path of the Shambhala warrior. It is the path of the Yogi.

The blissipline, the path of warriorship, is a daily practice. It is allowing Grace to move through us as we balance our urges of effort and surrender. It is realizing our inner power and invoking magic, everyday.

Does the Autumn season have you feeling more like a tornado than a cool gentle breeze? 
You aren’t the only one. If we’re not careful, the season of windy, rapid change might leave us feeling restless, fatigued, or simply dried up. But calming excess vata is just a few simple adjustments away. 
Yoga and Ayurveda offer practical solutions for releasing imbalances in the body. 
Beauty and Health inspiration to calm, soothe, lubricate and restore your lusciousness.
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"The best yoga class I have taken in years! R.R. Shakti speaks with such clarity that she simply dispels those nagging little consequences of stress in the modern world.
My trust in myself is absolute, my love for others is limitless. She turned my life in a new direction, and all in 45 minutes." 

~Jonathan Catmur via

Shakti Yogi Journal

On Authenticity, Motherhood and taking “Smoking” Breaks!...
Alba Creales interviews R.R. Shakti for “Daily Habits of the Urban Yogi.” 
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American Ideal and the Baby Soul
An Independence Day Podcast on what it means to be truly liberated in our yoga practice.  
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Article photo: Angie Barnes Photography