The Yoga Worldreach Seva School presents the Inner Power Yoga® Training, 
a 200-hour, comprehensive course in authentic yoga culture. 
This training is designed to deepen your personal practice, 
enrich your understanding of yoga history and philosophy, 
and prepare you as a dynamic, competent yoga teacher. 

Whether your desire is to become a yoga teacher, to deepen your practice,  
to grow as an individual,  or all of these,  you’ll find Inner Power Yoga® 
Teacher Training one of the pivotal influences in your life.  
It has been in our own lives, and we hear it again and again from practitioners!

“I graduated with more love and devotion in my heart, mind and soul--
eager and hungry to continue in that and to share it with others.”


Like art, music and dance, mudras are a means for channeling energy 
into creative expression, and a powerful method towards physical and 
psycho-spiritual healing. 

Somatic science is catching up to the intuitive and experiential wisdom 
of therapeutic movement.

Intentional movement can reprogram habitual patterns in the autonomic 
nervous system which may help to relieve illness from stress and emotional 
disturbance  (which are the root cause of many physiological and 
psychological challenges). 

The following mudras are cooling and calming. 
They may be applied to balance Pitta dosha, 
which is responsible for the fire and heat in your body and mind.

The following mudras are grounding and centering and may be applied to balance 
vata dosha  which, when deranged, may cause windy, dry, spacey and anxious
energy in the body and mind. 

The following mudras are energizing and activating. They may be applied to 
balance Kapha dosha, which when deranged, may make you feel lethargic, 
depressed, or heavy. 

The following mudras are used as therapy for specific common ailments
such as headache, constipation and low back pain. 


There is a flip-side to your personality. Teeming beneath the surface of your 
awareness, colorful characteristics vie for a moment to shine on the stage of 
your life's play. The only problem: Somewhere along the way you forgot them, 
lost them, ignored them, or suppressed these shadow figures and now they 
have become monsters that threaten to wreak havoc on your psyche. YIKES! 

We all have monsters. 
Some are self-defeating while others are ego-inflating. 

View Shakti's recently published work:
"The Face of God: Musings of a New 
Mother," in Evolving God-Images 
edited by Dr. Patrick Mahaffey. 

This collection of reflective essays 
explores spirituality and its changing 
relationship to culture, individual 
identity, and society in our increasingly 
globalized, postmodern world. 

"As a yoga teacher and new mother, 
Rachel Shakti Redding muses on the mystery 

of the existence embodied by her daughter. 
The birth of her child, she tells us, 
deepened her contemplative sensibility and experience of love."
~Dr. Patrick Mahaffey