Picturephoto: Tim D'Antonio
You know what annoygravates me? 
Planned obsolescence.
When I was a kid (Oh gosh, did I just write that?), things were built to last. A Lifetime Warranty was a thing. My clothes were hand-me-downs, and we actually outgrew our shoes long before they fell apart.  In today's world, to maximize consumerism, everything is made to break. Everything, it seems, is considered disposable: from plastic wrap to relationships. Even the human body—the most amazing miracle—is treated like its  expendable; as if we can just go in somewhere and have body parts fixed or replaced as needed. No biggie.



03/25/2014 5:10pm

Yes, maintaining the balance between spirit, mind, and the reality of the body. Now, there's a challenge! Thank you for articulating this so well, Shakti.


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