Next week, our Leadville Tribe will offer a series of yoga classes on donation, with proceeds going to CARE, to support disaster relief in Nepal. Each workshop is an opportunity for the graduates to showcase their education through the 200 hour Inner Power Yoga® Training.  
Tuesday, 5/5
8-9 a.m. Jackie
6-7 p.m. Inner Spring Cleaning: Kayla

Wednesday, 5/6
6-7 pm. Nicole

Thursday, 5/7
8-9 a.m. Gwen
6-7 p.m. Charlotte

Friday, 5/8
8-9 a.m. Hannah
noon-1 p.m. Erin

Saturday, 5/9
8-9 a.m. Inner Power Yoga with Shakti 

By Karrus Hayes
There are people who should always be remembered in your life for the important role they have played, and such people deserve your appreciation at all times.

Growing up in West Africa, my parents and I were under a lot of constraint and without any hope of education, but God’s plan was different:

I grew up to be a good boy and son, but I was not just a good boy. I grew up as a Christian with a great love for God.  One important thing I have learned is to love others, especially the less fortunate kids who are in educational need. I always relate my case to the situation surrounding them...

By Emmanuel Freemen
A few things I am grateful for, and they are the things that have changed my life and my story. 
Namely, I am grateful for knowing Shakti and being my Yoga teacher.
I'm grateful for coming across inspiring Shakti.
I'm grateful for life.
I'm grateful for peace.
I'm grateful for inner-peace.
I'm grateful for self-awareness.
I'm grateful for learning yoga.
I'm grateful for not being effected by Ebola.
I'm grateful for my family and friends.

By Lu Ann Milius
Just a few weeks ago my friends were sending posts about their gratefulness. Listing things, experiences, people, etc to demonstrate a gratefulness practice. This got me thinking about my own gratefulness. The only thought I could share back is this I am eternally grateful for the presence of God. His constant presence has saved me from my childhood, brought me understanding through hardships and sprinkled great loving JOY throughout my every moment of Life. His presence may be quiet, soft, strong, bold or just plain screaming coming to me through nature, people, stories, scriptures and just seeping from everything. I am grateful for His constant acceptance and prevailing love even when I am not paying so much attention.
This sums it up:...

What is the "blissipline" of Inner Power Yoga®? 
R.R. Shakti shares from her heart the experience and intention of the practice.
Take a dive into the Pranamaya Kosha, or Subtle Energy Body.

In this 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training, we will explore the psychology of the chakras, and how to effectively utilize mudra, bandha, marma, spanda and pranayama practices to ignite the power of your inner fire and dance with the inner winds. This will be a preparatory stage towards understanding and applying Organic and Vital Yoga Therapies.

The Undercurrent 100 hr. Teacher Training may be applied to the Inner Power Yoga® 200 hr. Training to acheive a 500 hr. Yoga Teacher Certification through the Yoga Alliance.

Training is appropriate for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners who seek to deepen their practice. Space is limited so REGISTER TODAY!...

O.K., let's be honest, as a 501c3 (Non-profit entity) Yoga Worldreach has seen very few donations. Don't get me wrong, we are SO incredibly grateful for those few precious gifts from friends just like you. The truth is: we haven't been actively seeking donations. We also haven't been competing for grants or trying to solicit support on any financial level. Not really.

Instead, we have been creating a thriving, exciting and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program that inspires our STF's (student-teacher-friends) to spread the socially beneficial practice of Yoga throughout their local and global communities.

Since, Yoga Worldreach was founded in 2006, we have offered some exciting programs... 

photo: Chris Campbell, Liberia W. Africa
May 25 is a day to support and celebrate Africa. Originally the founding date for the Organization of African Unity, now Africa Day is celebrated in Namibia, Zambia, Ghana and Zimbabwe.
Celebrations are held on other parts of the continent as well, and throughout the African Diaspora of the Americas.

Join me, this week, in celebrating Africa through the myths of her native religions and diaspora.
Follow a seven part series entitled: Water Goddess: Bridging the Gap with African Myth.

Each post will conclude with a consideration for personal empowerment and invocation of the natural energies that sustain the planet as they vivify our lives.

I will also post links to some of my favorite organizations, those who support water efforts in Africa and in other parts of the world. Clean water access and conservation is a concern very near to my heart. Nothing awakens my spirit in the same manner as a good swim: in a hot spring, ocean or river!
It has become crucial to preserve this invaluable resource for future generations and the sustainability of our World.

Having had the blessed opportunity to visit Africa and meet some incredible young people in Liberia and Ghana, I am inspired to support those who are spreading hope and empowerment to the African youth. Below is a list of friends who are actively reaching out through HIV/Aids education, after-school programs, fair trade initiatives and YOGA.

The Strongheart Fellowship
Thanda Zulu
Africa Yoga Project

Yoga Worldreach

Not everyone can pioneer international initiatives or environmental programs. It is not every person's dharma to build bridges, dig wells, or teach children in African countries. Most of you are needed for your skills and services in your local communities and families.

But you can visit the links above and show your support for those who are spreading joy and empowerment on your behalf. Take a moment to celebrate and support someone in Africa today.

In Love and Radiant Light,
R.R. Shakti