One of the most precarious places to be is a pedestal. Have you been there? Standing high above your friends, afraid to look down,  feeling tipsy— imbalanced—and asking yourself, in the famous words of David Byrne: 
"Well... How did I get here?"

Or maybe you don't even realize that you have gotten so high, until you come crashing to the ground—hard and fast—like a hangover; or the boulder from that insane You Tube video.

Today, I received a message from an STF. She admitted that she had put me on a pedestal, and was disappointed that I had let her down. My first response was defensive. Why had she put me up there in the first place? That is one of the most predictably destructive things you can do to a friendship, after all.

But then, I examined the language that we hold around this idea: she had put me UP, but I had let her DOWN. When she imagined me tumbling to the ground, she was the one who actually fell. 

When you view another as higher than you, it gives you an example to aspire to. It means that you too can become as "perfect" and "whole" as you imagine that person to be.
It also means that when she falls, you fall.  Ouch.

We are all human, after all, perfect in our imperfections and an inspiration to one another. When we say, "Namaste," we are bowing to that part of us which is Infinite and Whole. That Divine beauty, however, is only recognizable because it is embedded within this human grit. What's sacred is the balance—Staying human so that we can digest our gut-level experiences, yet taking ourselves lightly so that we can fly.

Somewhere along the line, my friend had gotten the idea that it was safe to elevate her idea of me. And for that, I am truly sorry. It is my responsibility to expose my realness, my human stink and dirty feet...along with my intense love. Ultimately, it is my responsibility to be and share my true self. So let's be clear:

I am not the teacher.
The teacher is in YOU. The teacher, the healer, the guru moves through all of us by Grace. The wisdom of the Universe is pulsing through our interaction and relationship to Life. We each have ultimately infinite access to the powers of Truth and Love. Your Inner Guru speaks to you through the lessons of your authentic and individual experiences—the good ones and the shitty ones. They are all opportunities for growth. They are all opportunities to become more loving and grateful....
all of them—including the disappointing ones, like when your friends or family let you down.

Shakti, or creative power resides within each person, situation, relationship, building, business (EVERYTHING) as energy. When you learn to listen to your subtle energy body and how to fearlessly clear 
blockages in its undercurrent of prana life force, you can improve your vibrancy on all levels. 

You can access the messages of your higher awareness from the spirit/mind and your 
deeper awareness from the heart/body. When allowed to work together, your higher 
intuition and gut level wisdom become powerful tools for realizing your authentic nature. 

You can gain clear vision regarding relationship agreements, business engagements and any other matter that you wish to clarify.
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Picturephoto: Tim D'Antonio
You know what annoygravates me? 
Planned obsolescence.
When I was a kid (Oh gosh, did I just write that?), things were built to last. A Lifetime Warranty was a thing. My clothes were hand-me-downs, and we actually outgrew our shoes long before they fell apart.  In today's world, to maximize consumerism, everything is made to break. Everything, it seems, is considered disposable: from plastic wrap to relationships. Even the human body—the most amazing miracle—is treated like its  expendable; as if we can just go in somewhere and have body parts fixed or replaced as needed. No biggie.

I'm not trying to get on a soap-box about smoking cigarettes, eating trans-fats or consuming sugar.
Although, obviously, drugs are bad, mm.k.?

I am equally annoyed with the tendency in our postmodern world to over-emphasize the psycho-spiritual  quest toward transcendence. I mean, I get it. The rationalism of "the age of Enlightenment" has caused the pendulum to swing hard back toward the spiritual. We are in the midst of a mystical surge, one that calls for "rising above" the present situation—transcendence of the human state, transcendence of nature toward heaven, transcendence of self toward God. Yes, Yes, Yes. I agree. Rise, people, rise. There is no need to remain bogged down in the unnecessary limitations of the human experience.

Unless, of course, you are interested in staying human.

I am. At least for now, while I am here. Being human is the best that I can be. After all, isn't the body amazing? Isn't the Earth wonderful? Isn't the experience of being alive, right here and right now an absolutely glorious miracle? What I think—What I know—is that the guru in the cave of the heart is speaking to you right now, through your emotions, sensations and human experience. The quest for transcendence is a noble drive, as long as it doesn't pull one away from the exquisitely raw realness of being a human—essentially an angel-monkey—part transcendent spirit, part stinky feet.

When the human experience is valued as perfect, exactly as it is—with all of it's beautiful blemishes—the body is no longer just a shell for the higher Self. It is a dear and necessary aspect of the whole Being.
The Earth is the sacred home for the soul and ritual is equal to logic. Earthly possessions don't have to distract us from our Selves, but may deepen our experience of being fully alive. Every human relationship becomes an opportunity to witness the face of God. Every dark or dirty, grungy scene becomes an opportunity to be present to Love; not by lifting up and out of life, but by getting deep down in it.

I don't have to be attached. I know I am more than my body...or my mind...or my family...or my things. Transcendence, however, is for the birds (or spirits) and I'm not dead yet.

I want to get deep down in it. I want to value this life experience while I am alive. I want to value my body, cherish my relationships, appreciate my things. And I want them to last a lifetime.

Mountain Yoga

200 hour Inner Power Yoga® Teacher Training
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Meeting one weekend each month for six months,
this 200 hour yoga teacher training will give you the tools to create a yoga practice that is thoughtful, dynamic, and also adaptable to each individual. Students will learn how to put together creative asana sequences and thoughtful class themes, as well as the essential ingredients of inspiring individual hearts through the art of adaptation. With these skills, teachers may reach the highest potential with their availability to serve all people through the art of yoga.

Webinar Series in three parts. 6:00-7:00 p.m. MT
 I am so excited to be offering my first ever webinar series in three parts on Yoga Psychology for Mamas.
My PhD program in Mythology and Depth Psychology has completely transformed my approach to yoga and after 12 years of teaching, I feel more inspired than ever.
Inner Power Yoga programs offer an opportunity to honestly examine the personal myths that influence your life: your beliefs, behaviors, and ultimately your experiences.
This first Inner Power Yoga webinar series addresses one of the most complicated challenges and joys on the planet; the adventure of being a mother.

Over three sessions in 6 weeks, you will explore your current personal motherhood myth. Whether you are a seasoned mother, a brand new mom, or a mama to be, you have a story that begins before you were even born. Does your story empower you? Does it inspire you? Or perhaps it really doesn’t serve you as much as it could. By the third session of this webinar series, you will have had an opportunity to revision your story as a mama—in a manner that is truly authentic and personal to YOU.
NOV. 6       PART ONE:
Our first session will be a fun and illuminating introduction to four mother archetypes (or universal images) that speak to you and through your psyche.

NOV. 20         PART TWO:
In session two, we’ll dive deeply into four common and limiting myths that constellate mothers today; including the contradictory voices of “I am the only one who can care for my child.” and “I’m the worst mother ever.”

Our third session will be a time to recreate and rebirth our myths of motherhood.
You may be surprised to discover how powerful you truly are.

What is an inner guru?
Unlike English words, which generally objectify, Sanskrit words describe the essence of something. The essence of “guru” is associated with many different ideas: master, weighty, large, respectable, great, serious, parent, teacher, valuable, venerable, and difficult to digest. Guru is associated with heaviness in the stomach and is used to express pregnancy or a pregnant woman. The guru principle, in yoga, refers to the teacher that guides one’s awareness towards the Infinite. According to the Siddha Yogis, the guru principle is “The universal power of grace present as the inner Self of all beings.”

When we speak of the Inner Guru in Inner Power Yoga®, we are talking about the quality of consciousness within. This is the source of one’s unique and authentic inner vibration which includes emotions, thoughts and inspirations when these are pointing toward a deeper or higher truth—beyond ego absorption. The Inner Guru is the Soul. It is the source of the Soul. AND it is the creative spark that turns an everyday human into a Soul Artist.

The Inner Guru is the voice you hear from the stillness of the lotus heart, when all obstacles and limitations are removed and you listen.

What is an archetype?
Archetypes are observable aspects of the mysterious universal vibration that unifies humanity as a deeply connected tribe of individuals. Archetypes occur as images, symbols, thoughts, patterns, expressions, motifs and ideas that have gathered from the collective unconscious and may be recognized by personal awareness.

Throughout the years in his study of the inner-workings of the human psyche, Psycho-analyst, C.G. Jung conceived archetypal components which play important roles in the psychological and social development of each individual. These unconscious personalities are the soul images of the ego, persona, shadow, anima and animus. They accompany and inform the attitudes and behaviors of a person throughout the stages of his or her life. They serve as the guiding force into the nebulous world of the unconscious; the realm that Jung recognized as “the Unknown which immediately effects us1.”

What is a guru archetype?

When these two terms are used together as “Guru Archetype,” they may be considered the conscious and unconscious patterns that inform one’s personal, inner teacher. These particular symbols, ideas, and energies inspire the teachings that resonate with a particular person as they recognize them arise. The Guru archetypes may present themselves from within the still center of meditation, or from the chaos of a dance party. They may be found on the movie screen or in a novel. Guru archetypes are living energies that “haunt” every day life. When they are identified as the motivating factors that inspire a particular Soul Artist, that archetype (and its teachings) become even more accessible.

When you know your guru archetype, you may hear the voice, see the beauty and discover the meaning in everything around you.

Four guru archetypes.
The same archetypal energies that have informed the world's greatest mysteries throughout history, also empower the authentic expression of your own deepest truth. Explore these mythic characters as they radiate, vibrate, soar and roar from the collective unconscious and within you. Let the qualities of your inner guru amplify your heart's desire, reveal your life's purpose and illuminate the beauty of your soul.

There are many many archetypal patterns for the Inner Guru.
This workshop series offers introductory insight into four re-occurring archetypal patterns that may be of inspiration for you.



100 hour Teacher Training Immersion PART TWO*: 
The Undercurrent 
Yoga Body and Balance, Lincoln, CO. January and April, 2014
Take a dive into the Pranamaya Kosha, or Subtle Energy Body. 
In this 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training, you will explore the psychology of the chakras, and how to effectively utilize mudra, bandha, marma, spanda and pranayama practices to ignite the power of your inner fire and dance with the inner winds. This will be a preparatory stage towards understanding and applying Organic and Vital Yoga Therapies. Training is appropriate for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners who seek to deepen their practice. 
CEUs may apply.
Prerequisites may apply
*Immersion modules may be taken in any order and consist of 
Part 1: The Blissipline, 
Part 2: The Undercurrent 
Part 3: Soul Artist. 
Each are 100 hours in credit and may be combined with the 200 hour Inner Power Yoga® teacher training modules for a 500 hour certification. 

also visit: www.yogabodyandbalance.com


Who is your inner guru?

The same archetypal energies that have informed the world's greatest mysteries throughout history, also empower the authentic expression of your own deepest truth. Explore these mythic characters as they radiate, vibrate, soar and roar from the collective unconscious and within you. Let the qualities of your inner guru amplify your heart's desire, reveal your life's purpose and illuminate the beauty of your soul.

Sundays 2-4 p.m. $30 each workshop or $100 for the 4-part series (if registered by 9/15).

Register today at EVENTS or at Mayama Movement Studio in Lyons, CO.