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The current challenge is to simply be truly Alive. 

What is Aliveness?
Being Authentically Human. 
—Not a normative human.
—Not an idealized human.

...but a radically authentic human, 
deeply connecting the experience of BE-ing, 
through brokenness, wholeness, suffering and joy, 
and through it all, 
or eventually, 
or never at all, 
truly realizing one's Inner Power. 

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So, I am deep in the research and weaving ideas for school when my mind demands a break. Generally, my favorite diversions include an outdoor excursion and/or playtime with my kid. 
But Marley is gone and it happens to be raining 
(or is that snow?). So instead of stretching into a second yoga asana practice 
for the day (or eating a second breakfast), I decide to watch the latest episode of Once Upon A Time. Sometimes a good movie or television can inspire the flow of creative nectar.
The season finale is premised with time-travel. 

Our heroine, Emma Swan, gets pulled into a portal to the past and must find her way back home. It isn't long, of course, before Swan's actions trip a chain of events that radically effect her future. Dun...dun...duuuuuun!...





Yesterday marked two years since my mama had a stroke with 
her subsequent cancer diagnosis and prognosis to live three months to a year.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.

Today, I celebrate my mom's resiliency and spiritual strength. 
After traveling 20 hours and 1300 miles to visit her last week, 
I feel blessed to live so close. After all, we are still on the same planet.

In fact, I am celebrating an official 
shift of awareness from thinking of my mom as "dying from cancer," to honoring her for "living in gratitude." She is an inspiration. Emerging into the light, I find her already there--grateful, joy-filled and unconditionally loving.

But...Sadness is certainly among the emotional sediment found in the cave of the heart, along with faith and hope. To prepare my heart-mind for loss, I had to rest in the darkness for awhile. I had to spend some time with the notion that my mom is "dying from cancer."... 

One of the most precarious places to be is a pedestal. 
Have you been there? 
Standing high above your friends, afraid to look down,  feeling tipsy--imbalanced—and asking yourself, in the famous words of David Byrne:  "Well... How did I get here?"

Or maybe you don't even realize 
that you have gotten so high, until you come crashing to the ground—hard and fast—like a hangover; or the boulder from that insane You Tube video

Today, I received a message from an STF. She admitted that she had put me on a 
pedestal, and was disappointed that I had let her down. My first response was defensive. Why had she put me up there in the first place? That is one of the most predictably destructive things you can do to a friendship, after all...

Shakti, or creative power, resides within each person, situation, relationship, building, business (EVERYTHING) as energy. When you learn to listen to your subtle energy body and how to fearlessly clear 
blockages in its undercurrent of prana life force, you can improve your vibrancy on all levels. 

You can access the messages of your higher awareness from the spirit/mind and your 
deeper awareness from the heart/body. When allowed to work together, your higher 
intuition and gut level wisdom become powerful tools for realizing your authentic nature. 
You can gain clear vision regarding relationship agreements, business engagements and any other matter that you wish to clarify...

Picturephoto: Tim D'Antonio
You know what annoygravates me?  
Planned obsolescence.
When I was a kid (Oh gosh, did I just write that?), things were built to last. A Lifetime Warranty was a thing. 
My clothes were hand-me-downs, and we actually outgrew our shoes long before they fell apart. In today's world, to maximize consumerism, everything is made to break. Everything, it seems, is considered disposable: from plastic wrap to relationships. Even the human body—the most amazing miracle—is treated like its expendable; as if we can just go in somewhere and have body parts fixed or replaced as needed. No biggie...

Webinar Series in three parts. 6:00-7:00 p.m. MT
 I am so excited to be offering my first ever webinar series in three parts on Yoga Psychology for Mamas.
My PhD program in Mythology and Depth Psychology has completely transformed my approach to yoga and after 12 years of teaching, I feel more inspired than ever.
Inner Power Yoga programs offer an opportunity to honestly examine the personal myths that influence your life: your beliefs, behaviors, and ultimately your experiences...     

What is an inner guru?
Unlike English words, which generally objectify, Sanskrit words describe the essence of something. The essence of “guru” is associated with many different ideas: master, weighty, large, respectable, great, serious, parent, teacher, valuable, venerable, and difficult to digest. Guru is associated with heaviness in the stomach and is used to express pregnancy or a pregnant woman. 
The guru principle, in yoga, refers to the teacher that guides one’s awareness towards the Infinite. According to the Siddha Yogis, the guru principle is “The universal power of grace present as the inner Self of all beings.” When we speak of the Inner Guru in Inner Power Yoga®, we are talking about the quality of consciousness within...